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MSRRF Roadshow:

Was a great success, over 150 people attended the event.
Thank you to everyone for your support.

MS Research and Relief Fund (MSRRF) is a UK registered charity (No.228634) that aims to improve the quality of life of all people affected by Multiple Sclerosis (or MS).

MS is a chronic disease of the central nervous system that affects more than 100,000 people in the UK and is the most common disabling condition among young adults.

MS can affect a person’s mobility, their independence and their confidence, and can also the change the lives of their partners, families and friends.

We provide a range of services to help people whose lives have been affected by MS. In our seven centres and outreach groups across the North East of England, we provide complementary therapies and gentle exercise, completely free of charge to people with MS and their carers.

Nationally, we also offer grants for aids and adaptations or respite care, provide advice and information services and support research into MS and its treatments.

We receive no statutory funding, so rely entirely on donations to provide our services.

To make an online donation, please visit our JustGiving page.

To find out more about other ways you can support MS Research and Relief Fund, please visit our Fundraising or Volunteering pages.

Our Centres and Groups
We have centres and outreach groups across the North East. More information about our centres and groups can be found here. Please contact us on 01670 505 829 or at if you would like to make arrangements to access our complementary therapy and exercise services at one of these centres.

“I leave feeling more positive and with a good sense of wellbeing.”

Complementary therapies
Working alongside conventional medical treatment, complementary therapies are thought to help alleviate the effects of some symptoms of MS, relieve stress and improve general wellbeing. The treatments we provide include sports massage, reiki, reflexology, Indian head massage and Swedish body massage, all provided by qualified practitioners with a good understanding of MS. We provide therapies 5 days a week at Benmar House, our main centre in Morpeth, Northumberland, and 1 to 3 days a week at each of our 6 outreach groups. To find out more about complementary therapies, please click here.

“I love having my treatments. I feel so much better. I can completely relax and forget about my MS for a while.”

NICE recommends gentle exercise for people with MS as a means of relieving fatigue and improving mobility. Across our centres and groups, we have a range of specialist gym equipment designed for people with limited mobility including Toning Tables, Easy Tone Chairs and Motomed Bikes. We have also invested in two state-of-the-art Vibrogyms: originally designed for use by astronauts, these machines exercise almost every muscle in the body simultaneously through vibration, meaning the user is not required to contract them. Furthermore, we offer a range of exercise classes, designed for those with varying levels of mobility, including seated yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates. To find out more about our exercise programme, please click here.

“I love attending, the support from everyone is great. I enjoy everything.”

Living with a disability such as MS can entail significant expenses, many of which cannot be covered by statutory sources. In partnership with the MS Society, we provide grants for individuals in financial need from across the UK towards items or activities that will significantly improve quality of life, and in particular those that will help to retain independence. Grants are usually for equipment, such as specialised wheelchairs, respite care/holidays and adaptations to homes or cars. Alongside these grants, we also provide funding for other MS support groups for equipment, support services, social activities, facility improvements, trips, events and training. You can find out more in our Grants section.

“This grant for a scooter has enabled me to walk my two dogs again. It’s the most exhilarating feeling, just a marvellous freedom.”

Advice and information
We also provide advice and information to individuals with MS or their carers through our website and by telephone. Most people with MS have many questions about the condition, what treatments are available and where services can be accessed. Our specialist advisor can provide information and support on these topics and many others, from benefits to balance dogs. We also conduct MS Awareness Training to increase knowledge about the disease and its complex symptoms. To find out more about our advice and information service, click here.

“Your help has improved my quality of life and peace of mind.”

Alongside providing relief from MS we also support research into causes of the condition and its treatments. Topics covered by previous research projects we have supported include pain management, bladder function and nutrition. We also undertake our own research into the therapies and services we provide so as to understand better the ways these impact individuals with MS. For instance, we are currently 1 year into a 5 year research project investigating the effect that regular gentle exercise can have on the physical symptoms of MS, in particular balance and mobility. To learn more about our research support, please click here.

Plans for the future
We are always keen to help more people with MS. We are continuously looking for opportunities to develop new outreach groups across under-served areas of the North East and further afield. We are also in the process of installing a lift into Benmar House, our primary centre. This will allow our upstairs rooms to become accessible to everyone, substantially increasing the number of therapy sessions and classes that we can offer. Furthermore, the Trustees have approved the construction and installation of a hydrotherapy pool at Benmar House, designed especially to accommodate individuals with varying levels of mobility. The pool will provide a wide range of new therapy opportunities and leading MS specialists from Newcastle-upon-Tyne’s Royal Victoria Infirmary also hope that the hydrotherapy pool will provide a unique opportunity to conduct medical research into MS.


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