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Grant Application Guidelines

(Please retain for your information)

MS Research and Relief Fund aims to provide support to people affected by MS. This is done in a number of ways i.e. the award of financial grants towards the cost of aids, adaptations, equipment, building works, respite care and holiday costs. Because of the diversity of MS, grants may be wide-ranging according to the needs of individuals.

Grants will be considered for all people with MS, their immediate family or primary unpaid carers.

All sections of the grant application form must be fully completed and applicants must provide quotations and a letter of support from a health or care professional such as an MS Nurse, Social  Worker, Occupational Therapist etc.

Applicants in receipt of Income Support, ESA, Pension Credit or who have received funding from the MS Society do not have to complete the Income/ Expenditure section but MUST include evidence of the relevant Benefit awarded.

MS Research and Relief Fund recommends that where appropriate, grant applications should be made to relevant statutory bodies before applying to our charity.

When possible the Charity will work with other charities bodies (e.g. the MS Society) in order to contribute towards a package of funding.

All applications will be acknowledged within 20 working days. Grant awards are valid for 12 months or in the case of building work twenty four months.

What we will fund:

Respite Care Costs
The Charity will consider funding for a maximum of £300 per week up to a maximum
of two weeks in any twelve months period.

Aids/ Adaptations and Equipment
          The Charity will consider funding up to a maximum of £1500.

Alterations to current Accommodation
          The Charity will consider funding up to a maximum of £1500.

In exceptional circumstances the Charity may decide to award individual grants
outside the scope of its normal grant activity.
We may use our discretion to make awards above the maximum amounts.

What we will NOT fund:

MS Research and Relief Fund will not make any award for

  • Retrospective funding, i.e. items or alterations already purchased / ordered.
  • Rent arrears, mortgage arrears, council tax, hire purchase agreements or utility bills
  • Complementary therapies.
  • Transport costs or driving lessons
  • Holidays.





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