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Access Aid Attention all blue badge permit holders, motability members and disabled drivers. Have you or your passenger experienced problems with the lack of disabled parking spaces outside the place where you want to go? Have you had to resort to using conventional parking spaces?

What happens when you come back to find someone have parked so close to your car you cannot even open your car door properly to get in, let alone a wheelchair?

It's a bad enough situation for an able-bodied person, but if you are disabled it can be an absolute nightmare. You are often completely stuck until the other driver returns which may be some considerable time. Of course, disabled parking spaces are built to allow for the extra space needed, but on busy shopping days there are never enough spaces to go around.

Access - aid is designed to provide a very visible sign to anyone parking beside your car that you are disabled and need just that little bit extra space - which can make all the difference between having an enjoyable trip out or a real dilemma. The internationally recognised Blue or Orange colours ensure high visibility.

Access-aid is a small device that clips onto your window when you find that you cannot get into a designated disabled parking bay - whether it's at a supermarket, cinema, pub, restaurant or public car park. Once clipped on to the window it will warn other drivers who park next to you that you are a disabled driver or passenger and will need a little extra bit of space to enter your vehicle.

Displaying the international wheelchair logo prominently can gain you just that extra few inches space and make a huge difference. It sticks out no further than the average wing mirror but can very easily be seen by drivers who park next to your vehicle. To attach the Access-aid all you need to do is wind your window down, clip it on then wind the window up again to leave it securely and safely in place. Once you have finished using the sign it is then small enough to put in side pocket of car door until needed again.

Access-aid is the brain-child of MS Research and relief Fund service user Ken Castledine. Ken was  diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1991. After serving in HM Forces. Ken was determined to make his life as normal as possible and made sure he got out and about as much as he could, adapting well to driving a mobility car with hand controls.

The lack of disabled parking bays on shopping trips were a major source of frustration, particularly on weekends when supermarkets, cinemas etc were at their busiest. It was the lack of such disabled bays that inspired Ken to start thinking about a product that could gain him the extra space he need. After much research and design trials, Access-aid was launched. With help from Business Link and the Northern Pinetree Trust it has now been design registered through the patent office.

The Access-aid is Motability and Sun Alliance approved and is available to the general public and  retailers like car sales companies, disabled aids suppliers, through their ebay shop or through their web site 


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