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Book Review:

“Multiple Sclerosis for DUMMIES”
Rosalind Kalb phD, Nancy Holland EdD, RN,MSCN and Barbara Giesser MD

The title isn’t intended to offend it is written and presented in the style of the “Microsoft for DUMMIES” books. Whilst it certainly isn’t great being diagnosed with MS it doesn’t have to mean your life is over. Everyone’s MS is unique to them and no one can predict     exactly what yours will be like. The fact is, lots of people live a full and active life with MS.

MS for Dummies gives you easy to understand information about what happens with MS:

  • What kinds of symptoms it can cause?
  • How it can affect your life at home and at work?
  • What you can do to function?
  • How you can protect yourself and your family against the long-term unpredictability of the
  • disease.?

You will learn:

  • Why some people get MS and others don’t
  • How to make treatment and lifestyle choices that work for you
  • What to look for in a neurologist
  • How to manage fatigue, walking problems, and visual changes
  • Why the road to diagnosis can be full of twists and turns
  • How to understand the pros and cons of alternative medicine
  • Why and how to talk to your kids about MS
  • How to find stress management strategies that work for you

Complete with listings of valuable resources such as other books, Web sites, and community agencies and organizations that you can tap for information or assistance, MS for Dummies will tell you everything you need to know in order to make educated choices and comfortable decisions about life with MS.


“I bought this book both as a person who suffers from MS and a fan of the For Dummies books, I found the book very informative. like other Dummies books it can be read cover to cover or just dipped into to research a particular symptom or resource. I would recommend this book anyone with MS or to carers, family and friends who want to improve their understanding of MS.”

“I have recently been diagnosed with MS and bought this book to understand more about my illness. This is an excellent reference source. You can dip in and out of it without having to read from cover to cover, and understand what is happening and things to help with symptoms.
I would highly recommend this book.”

“If you have a specific topic/symptom etc you want to research it is very easy to go straight to it rather than scroll through the book endlessly.
These books are great!”


MS for Dummies

Multiple Sclerosis For Dummies can be bought/ordered from many bookshops and from



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