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Robert Walker’s Family Visit Benmar House

Robert Walker founded MS Research Fund in 1964. In the early days the charity concentrated its resources on research into MS. After commissioning its own research the charity decided to put most of its resources into providing services to people affected by MS. To reflect this change, the charity changed its name to MS Research and Relief Fund.

Marjorie Walker the widow of Robert Walker visited  Benmar House recently when she was in the North East of England. Marjorie called in to Benmar House with her daughter Jane Nunn and son-in-law Stephen Nunn.

Robert single handedly developed the charity in the early days, raising both awareness and much needed funds. He was able to do this by contacting and gaining the support of many famous people such as Bing Crosby, Cliff Mitchellmore and Norman Wisdom to name a few.

Marjorie Walker the widow of Robert Walker Marjorie brought with her some fantastic records and press cuttings of Robert’s work along with signed letters and autographs from the many famous people who supported his work. Marjory kindly gave these to us in the hope that they can be useful for fund-raising purposes. We are currently looking into the best way of doing this and we will‘keep you posted’

Marjorie said she wanted to see at first hand what the charity was doing to support people affected by MS. When they arrived we were able to show them around the offices, individual therapy rooms, accessible gym and vibrogym. Marjorie and her family were delighted to have a look around and actually see the services the charity provides free of charge for people affected by MS.

They were also pleased to hear that we have about 500 appointments a month at Benmar House from people affected by MS who are able to take part in one-to-one personal training, seated exercise classes, yoga, reflexology, reiki, various therapeutic massages, use of the Vibrogym, Motomed exercise machines, toning chairs, toning table, treadmill and various other pieces of accessible equipment in the gym.

We were happy to tell Marjorie and her family that we also provide similar services on an outreach basis at various locations in the North East of England.

Marjorie was also pleased to hear that people affected by MS are also able to have confidential appointments with an MS Nurse Specialist and a Continence Nurse at Benmar House.

All the above, of course, are in addition to the charity’s grants service whereby we provide financial assistance to help people with MS pay for goods or services they need because of their condition. These include aids, adaptations, holidays, respite care other things not provided by statutory bodies.

Marjorie said that she is very pleased with everything that the charity has achieved and that she is particularly happy we are carrying on the legacy of Robert’s good work.

On behalf of everyone in MS Research and Relief Fund I would like to thank Marjorie, Jane and Stephen for taking time out of their busy schedules to visit us. It was a pleasure to meet them and show them how we are using the charity’s money to help ALL people affected by MS.

Dave Farham
June 2012


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