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MS Research and Relief Fund Exercise Provision

 MS Research and Relief Fund provide regular exercise sessions at various locations in the North East. Please telephone 01670 505829 for more details.

New Exercise Equipment at Benmar House Jan 2010

MSRRF now has three toning chairs and a Multi-Master toning bed at Benmar House.

The toning chairs and bed do not rely exclusively on muscle power, instead they tend to work the user’s muscles rather than the user working the machine. Users are able to exercise confident in the knowledge that regardless of their ability they will be able to exercise within their own capabilities.

The toning chairs and table at Benmar House are essentially three exercise systems in one, delivering a complete physical conditioning programme.

Functional Range
As we get older our functional range of movement tend to diminish. This can also happen when muscles or joints are not regularly stretched or fully extended. This is true even more so when the limb is extended without any resistance. The chairs and bed can help strengthen muscles to perform efficiently throughout their functional range.

Toning Chairs at MMSRF
Toning Chairs

Cardio-vascular ExercisesThe toning chairs and bed safely combine resistance and cardiovascular exercise . They can work the cardio-vascular  system at the same time as their muscles. The movements a user goes through are a highly efficient way of working many large muscle groups at the same time, creating an aerobic demand on the heart and lungs to provide more oxygen to the muscles.


Toning Chairs

Compound Movements

Toning chairs and beds are designed to be double action, triple action and even quad action. This allows a number of body parts, joints and muscles to be exercised simultaneously. These ‘compound movements’ simulate real life where vast numbers of body parts function simultaneously in harmony with each other.

The tables and chairs are easy to use for most people regardless of age or ability. We are getting great feedback from our fitness instructors and our service users regarding the benefits of using them.

  Toning Chairs


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