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Earlier this year, we opened a brand new Fitness Lounge, complete with toning tables and a passive/active exercise bike. However, chief amongst the new equipment, is the Vibrogym.

A VibrogymAlthough the Vibrogym is relatively new, the technology it is based on was first used by Russian scientists to help cosmonauts regain their strength after returning to Earth from a long stay in space.

The Vibrogym works by generating vibrations that are transferred to your body, and helps to strengthen muscle mass by working almost all of the body’s muscles together as opposed to one after another. The vibrations the machine generates help to stimulate blood circulation, warm the muscles and support the body's recovery. The vibrations can also have a positive effect on your hormone balance and reduce stress, leaving you feeling more relaxed, fitter and more alert.

If you’d like more information on the Vibrogym, or would like to make an appointment to come to Benmar House to use it, please feel free to contact us.

Or visit the website.


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